The Karlsson family from Minneapolis want to transform their family lumber business into a modern furniture shop that sells quality, reclaimed furniture pieces. In an effort to shift their business to a more eco-friendly model, they hand-select wood and other reclaimed local materials that are cleaned, rejuvenated or restored before stocked within the store. The Karlsson’s emphasis is always on quality materials, with a focus on creating Mid-Century Modern furniture using sustainable materials. 
The concept behind the Stikksag brand identity is ‘don’t dig up your roots’; emphasising the eco-friendly nature, quality craftsmanship and the founding family along with their extensive knowledge behind their products. The colour palette was selected to demonstrate the natural materials used to create the furniture as well as the approachability and friendliness of a family business. Tone of voice was utilised to show the Karlsson family’s confidence as well as the knowledge they possessed on their products. They followed every step of the process therefore could answer any question their customers may have.
Student Brief - Shillington 2020

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