To design the corporate identity for a multi-use event space consisting of an exhibition hall, meeting rooms, theatre spaces, cafes etc. The building was to be located in Berlin and designed by BIG Architects. Research into the location and architect would inform a USP I would come up with to aid design of the building identity.
BIG architects often incorporate green space into their buildings as well as maintaining multiple uses within one space, this informed my USP which would be a roof-top farm. Food grown here could be used throughout the schemes restaurants and cafes whilst providing education to residents on where their food comes from. The identity embodies the respite Attis provides to Berliners from the bustling city below it, as well as the health and educational purposes of the building. It also reflects both the blocky nature of much of Berlin's architecture and the geometric, often non-aligned shapes BIG is famous for.
Student Brief - Shillington 2020

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